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Born in Warren, Ohio, 1980  

Lives in Los Angeles, CA, 90005  




1997, Major Fine Art, Certificate, Ryman Arts, USC College, Los Angeles  

 Ryman Arts | Arts Education  





2021 Dot Dot Dot the Code exhibition, Sarracenia Gallery, Los Angeles, US  

2021 Intermezzo solo exhibition, Online Sarracenia Gallery, Los Angeles, US 



2022 In the paint Group Show Competiton, Laker Practice Court, El Segundo, CA 

2021 Artist Alley Gallery opening, Studio City, CA 

2017-2018, Annual Group Show, Avenue 50 Studio, Highland Park, CA 

2016, 2014, Studio City Art Walk, Studio City, CA 

2016 Group show, Rustic Bar, Rustic Inn Gallery, Las Feliz, CA 

2016 Group Show, Areteologist Gallery, La Puente, CA 

2015 Group Show, Sierra Madre Art Gallery, Sierra Madre, CA 

2015 Art Jury Competition, Sierra Madre Circle Gallery , Sierra Madre, CA 

2105 Winter Blue Show, Stay Gallery, Downey, CA 

2014 Ye Rustic Inn Gallery, Emerging Artists Show, Los Angeles, CA 

2013 Summer Art Show, Monrovia Association of Fine Art, Monrovia CA 

2013 Claremont Loft, Claremont, CA 

2012 Paint & Play, Art Show, Paint & Play Gallery, Monrovia, CA 

2011 All in the Detail, Fontana Art Gallery, Fontana, CA 

2010 Jarrett Camp Two Man Show, Studio 71, Claremont, CA 

2008 VSA Art Show, Columbia College Gallery, Columbia WA 

2008 VSA Art Show, Regina Quick Center for the Arts, Bonaventure, NY 

2008 VSA Art Show, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KA 
2008 VSA Art Show, Rockford College Art Gallery, Rockford, IL 

2008 VSA Art Show, Evergreen Galleries, Evergreen State College, WA 

2008 VSA Art Show, Hillstrom Museum of Art, St. Peter, MN 

2007 VSA Art Show, Lower Columbia College, Longview WA 

2007 VSA Art Show, Rockford College Art Gallery, Rockford, IL 

2006 VSA Art Show, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 

2005 VSA Art Show, Regina Quick Center for the Arts, Bonaventure, NY 

2005 VSA Art Show, Smithsonian Museum Art Viewing, Washington, DC 

2005 – 2007 VSA Art Tour 





Arti Saxena, India, 

Beth Lowell, Morristown, NJ 

Carmelo Anthnoy, Westchester, NY  

Christina Blair, Philadelphia 

Chad Brady, Los Angeles, CA 

DWS Company, Frankfurt, Germany 

Dani W, Los Angeles, CA  

Gayle Isaki, Covina, CA 

Jamin Camp, Los Angeles, CA   

Jose Cruz, Los Angeles CA  

Kim Sun, Los Angeles, CA 

Nayaka, Los Angeles, CA 

Valerie Franis, Oak Bluff, MA 




2005 Honorable Mention - (Confusion) - S. Dillon Ripley Center, Smithsonian Institute - WA, D.C.  
2004 City of Pomona Key Art, Award Bank of America Art Achievement Award (Gasping) 1998 District's Fantasy Art Award, West Covina, CA 
1998 1st place, Color Pencil Art Award, West Covina, CA  




  Dyslexic Advantage Team, The Beautiful World of Jarrett Camp, Dyslexia Advantage, 2023  

The Beautiful World of Jarrett Camp - Dyslexia | Dyslexic Advantage 


Local Story, Check Out Jarrett Camp’s Story, Voyage LA, 2022 

Check Out Jarrett Camp’s Story - Voyage LA Magazine | LA City Guide 


Band of Vice, Jarrett Camp, 2022  

Jarrett Camp — Band of Vices 


Stories & insight, Meet Jarrett Camp, Canvas Rebel, 2023  

Meet Jarrett Camp - CanvasRebel Magazine 


Los Angeles Lakers new Media, In the Paint Artist Spotlight Jarrett Camp, 2022  

In the Paint Artist Jarrett Camp | Los Angeles Lakers ( 




2023 Darryl Chappell Foundation, Auction House, Museo De Arte De, Puerto Rico 

2022 Band of Vices, W Adam Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (424) 284-9224 

2022 Artoui Isartorplatz 4 80331 München,, +49 89 793 555 15 

Jarrett T Camp ( 

 2022 SourceArt Source Art (1323) 369-2923 



Current- Freelance Art Teacher, Private Locations, Los Angeles, CA  

2019 Hobby Lobby, Art Teacher, West Covina, CA 

2020-2022 Sarracenia Gallery, Gallery Curator, Los Angeles, CA 

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