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As a stipple and pointillism artist,  my approach to art is a meticulous exploration of the collective consciousness. My creative process is deeply rooted in studying topics that resonate with many, delving into profound research and contemplation to uncover layers of meaning and connection.

My artistic journey unfolds through a four-level process, each stage integral to the creation of my work. The first level involves a thorough investigation of the chosen topic, immersing myself in the cultural, social, and emotional nuances that surround it. This phase allows me to gather a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives, forming the foundation for my art.

The second level is a transition from conscious study to an unconscious exploration. Here, I enter a meditative state, allowing my mind to drift and discover new dimensions of the subject. This process of meditation is where the essence of the topic begins to crystallize, and the initial conceptual framework of the piece is formed.

In the third level, I construct the envisioned artwork in my mind, a mental blueprint that guides the physical creation. This mental construction is both deliberate and intuitive, balancing the structured analysis of the topic with the spontaneous emergence of ideas.

The fourth and most extraordinary aspect of my method is the role of my subconscious, influenced by my dyslexia. As I begin to meticulously build the stipple piece on paper, my subconscious mind takes over, creating multiple images simultaneously. This phenomenon results in the creation of two to four pieces at once, each interconnected yet distinct, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the original topic.

This unique approach not only amplifies the depth and complexity of my work but also embodies the intricate interplay between conscious intention and unconscious creativity. My art becomes a visual dialogue between structured thought and spontaneous expression, capturing the essence of the subject in a way that is both intricate and expansive.

Through my stipple and pointillism pieces, I aim to offer viewers a profound and layered experience, inviting them to explore the many facets of the topics that shape our shared human experience. My work is a testament to the power of art to reveal hidden connections, challenge perceptions, and evoke a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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