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Original Artwork

IN THE PAINT contributing Artist with the Los Angeles Lakers. For all inquiries, contact


 Jarrett Talks about The Confussion 


 This piece tells a bittersweet story of unrequited love. What first appears to be a view of paradise is revealed to be a ton of crumbling bricks. When the image is turned upside down, the Twin Towers of the former World Trade Center emerge. ‘The Confusion’ debuted at the Smithsonian in Washington DC and has subsequently been displayed in galleries throughout the United States.

SIZE 21 X 30 
Time spent 
6 months and 2 days.



The Boy In The Kite 

 This is a new hybrid design drawing. With a lot of symbolism. This is a sci-fi-themed piece with a beautiful design of roses in the clouds. This piece is a recording of the human crazy actions and actions of the pandemic of 2020. These strange roses are zoning into this innocent boy with the kite. The boy is a symbol of how people were attacked by the 2020 virus. And this rose is going to use the virus to their benefit. As you see this piece it will revile the motivation of the roses in the sky. 

The Boy In The Kite
30 inches 18 inches
Time Spent 
6 months  

 Jarrett Talks about The Gasping 

SIZE 49W x 32H
Time 563 hours 
5,632 dots per square inch


An award-winning piece, inspired by a debilitating condition known as Bronchial Asthma. Difficult to manage, many suffer from this chronic disorder and the artist attempts to illustrate the inner feeling of a person who suffers from this condition. Inserted in THE GASPING are many inter-woven images representing pulmonary breathing systems affected by bronchial asthma as well the race for victory in overcoming its effects. Rotating this piece will unlock far more subtle imagery as well.



 Jarrett Talks about Time  


 This work represents human achievement through history made possible by technological advances. When turned upside down, an underwater paradise is revealed. This is the first piece in which the nameless boy traveler appears.

SIZE 24W x 17H
Time Spent 
6 months and 14 days 

 Jarrett Talks about The Fontana 


Fontana is an homage to creative innocence a quality fairly uncommon among
the brilliant meandering minds of today's
 talented youth. The boy with the kite represents youth itself, imagination, and innocence.
The aim of this piece is for you, the viewer to become aware of your inner child and forever embrace it. Look closely, you'll find the boy here also appears in the Delocto the conform and don't forget art pieces



20 1/4 x 17 1/2 framed
Time Spent 
1 week and 2 days 


 Jarrett Talks about The Delocto 


Summoning and merging two distinct marine life personalities into one expressive deep sea creature, Camp calls the octopus here to represent ethnic and cultural diversity and the majestic beauty of being more adaptable to loyally stick to another. While the dolphin here illustrates the demonstration of kindness and intellectualism. Combining these two animals symbolizes a strong loving balance between two individuals.

H 19 X 13
Time Spent 
1 week and 3 days and 30mins

 Jarrett Talks about The Made To Be 


In this vivid piece, the concept of mainly all black and white with limited and subtle colors was flipped done in reverse. Symbolizing the real splendor of a refreshing marriage taken seriously, in which different emotions are like species of plants that thrive when cared for, and ups and downs are viewed as useful buffer zones. The deliberate use of visual metaphors help the artist describe how a marriage arrangement, with the proper care, can be an elegantly healthy and truly beautiful thing.


size 43 x 30
Time Spent 
9 months 2 weeks and 1day

SIZE 31W x23H
Time Spent 
5 months 3 weeks and 5hrs

 Jarrett Talks about The Littele 15 


Little 15’ is about a young Chinese girl who has been enduring hardship, suffering mental anguish at the hands of her abusive parents. Not seeing another way out, she finds peace by escaping to an unreachable imaginary world of which she is the sovereign Queen. Through time, the growing up process and loss of imagination, her peaceful imaginary world experiences chaos, and elements from within seek to destroy it.


 Jarrett Talks about The Whalen's Moon


This piece is a tribute to the power of knowledge and is dedicated to teachers. The moon is used as a metaphor for the illuminating quality of teachers and places of education. The moon becomes a pearl when the image is turned upside down.



SIZE H 19 x W 13
Time Spent 
twin piece
2 weeks and 7days each 

 Jarrett Talks about The Butterfly


This piece depicts wandering marine butterflies who have strayed from migration ending up at a place I call Rose Rock. Not only can we as humans travel to fantastical places in our mind but we can also bring such made-up creatures along with us. Camp here teases the viewer sharing just a portion of this complete artwork. This revealed section, is only one part of a larger three panel composition.

11 x 14 EACH
Time Spent 
1 week per panel

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